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Subject: Re: Tjaart Nicolaas Swanepoel
Author: raindancing   (Authenticated as raindancing)
Date: October 18, 2005 at 4:16:29 PM
Reply to: Tjaart Nicolaas Swanepoel by TnS2205
Nicolaas =

Gender: Masculine
Usage: Dutch
Dutch form of NICHOLAS

Gender: Masculine
Usage: English, French
Pronounced: NI-ko-las (English), nee-ko-LA (French) [key]

From the Greek name Íéêïëáïò (Nikolaos) which meant "victory of the people" from Greek íéêç (nike) "victory" and ëáïò (laos) "people". Saint Nicholas was a 4th-century bishop from Anatolia who, according to legend, saved the daughters of a poor man from lives of prostitution. He is also known as Santa Claus (from Dutch Sinterklaas), the bringer of Christmas presents. He is the patron saint of children, sailors and merchants, and Greece and Russia. Nicholas was also the name of two czars of Russia and five popes.

If noone can help with your surname here try on BTN'S sister site at
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