Subject: Re: Harry from Greek?
Author: Damis   (guest)
Date: October 19, 2005 at 2:04:43 PM
Reply to: Re: Harry from Greek? by Cleveland Kent Evans
Of course I understand and I agree with: "You don't discover the history of a name simply by comparing its present-day sound to that of names in any other language of the world." But we all know that the first things you check in comparative lingustics are phonetics and spelling, since most of the time, especially for old languages there is no evidence! For example, we know that at least 12% of English is from Greek,( 35% according to some linguists), and we dont have any evidence for most of that, but does that mean it is not a fact? Anyway, the facts here are that the English name 'Harry' is closer to the Greek 'Harrys' in both pronunciation and spelling than it is to 'Henry' and it is at least 1500 years older...
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