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Subject: Back to the begining...
Author: S Llywarch   (guest)
Date: March 4, 2004 at 4:14:12 AM
Reply to: Thanks Chrisell... by Merriment
Chrisell: I think my definition of the word reintroduced is different to yours. You are saying that Reintroduced means the same as Introduced???

Chrisell: I know what Breton is. I wasn't sure if Merriment knew the difference between Breton and Brythoneg.

Merriment - I stand corrected and appologise - you did not say the rivers where called Alan.

"but obviously the resettlement of Brittany happened before the separation of the three languages"
- My point exactly.

"It's non-existent as a name in Wales until it is reintroduced by the the Normans"
- This doesn't prove anything! What I think you might not understand is that the 'Welsh'( a derogatory name given to us by the angl-saxons) lived all over the British Isles prior to the anglo-saxon invasion.

'Dyfyr apAlun Dyfed' Mabinogi?
River in Dyfed called the Alun. Dyfyr the son of Alun Dyfed.

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