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Subject: new names
Author: itzel   (guest,
Date: March 8, 2004 at 12:33:37 PM
My name is Itzel it's feminime it means little flower it comes from the word itzechell. it comes from the Maya Indians in the Yucatan Peninsula. it is of Mexican origin. if you can i would like it to be posted because i never find my name and i know like five people with my name.
My sisters name is Myrabi (mer-ra-bi) It's made up by my parents, the MYR part is from the name Myriam, my mom's mom. the ABI part comes from the name Sabina, my dad's mom. they are both Mexican names. the closest name to that is Merari which is biblical. so i dont know if you will be able to put that name on your website.

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