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Subject: Orvin
Author: Royce Jones   (guest,
Date: March 13, 2004 at 7:58:58 AM
My first name is Orvin. Several years ago, while browsing in the public library, I found a book which indicated this name was of German origin and is a masculine name. My maternal grandfather bestowed my given names and he was of German descent. The book (too many years ago to remember the name) further indicated that the meaning of the word was "boar hog." The boar was often used in Germanic heraldry, since it was revered for the courage it often displayed. After reading the above, I had more liking for the name, which I have not used, prefering Royce. Since, Orvin was not found in the search on this website, I am making this post for whatever it might be worth to anyone. I have only seen this name on one other occasion. Are there more Orvins out there?

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