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Subject: Re: El Shaddai
Author: El Shaddai   (guest,
Date: March 18, 2004 at 7:31:03 AM
Reply to: Re: El Shaddai by Devonelisa
My name is El Shaddai, I couldn't understand why my mom was crying the other night on the computer. I've been reading the words you have written degrading my mother, insulting her integrity, plus insulting a name you have no idea about. You only know what is written. My Father at a Catholic church hasn't even been so rude at you people here. I'm devistated about how you think you know my mom! I have a letter from Amy Grant that sings the song what it meant. Mom wanted to find out other meanings. Like duh you may have been the one who needs more training on this matter before you put your two food stamps in! My mother has an excelent degree, and makes more money then you will ever make your whole life. I didn't know this was "Behind the name with insults"

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