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Subject: Re: Malania
Author: Anneza   (Authenticated as Anneza)
Date: March 17, 2009 at 10:48:10 PM
Reply to: Malania by mermaidwriter1000 gives two possible origins for the surname Malan:
1. French: nickname from Old French malan(t) ‘sore’, ‘ulcer’ (Latin malandria).
2. Czech and Slovak: nickname for a small man, a derivative of malý (see Maly).

In South Africa we trace it back to French Huguenot and Dutch settlers, not Czech ... and I could readily imagine someone wanting to use the ln Malan as a fn, having a girl, and (probably inspired by Melania or just Melanie, which does indeed have a Greek origin) tweaking the ending to make it look fem. Here we'd say mah LAHN ee ah, since we pronounce the ln as mah LAHN.

Where did you find it?

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