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Subject: some names are just too popular!!
Author: Éowyn   (Authenticated as Eowyn_horselover)
Date: March 25, 2004 at 7:28:30 PM
i have noticed a lot of you tend to go for the more NORMAL names on polls - and there's nothing wrong with that. but also a lot of you highly dislike my names because they're a little bit different.

in my band class at school, we have two tyler's, three zac's, two josh's, and two sarah's. all of them are COMPLETELY different from one another and it gets confusing a lot (especially to some of them who aren't so bright and confuse themselves with another person of the same name - lol!). but i've noticed i really like my name because no one else has my name and whenever someone calls out my name - i know they're talking to ME!!

so whereas classic names like mary, joshua, and rebecca are and always will be class and great names, keep an open mind about other names ppl like, too. it's fine to have an opinion, just when a name gets too popular - a kid will end up hating it!! i've met more jennifer's, ashley's, and justin's who hated their names because they're so popular than anyone who hated their names because they were so uncommon!!

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