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Subject: Re: El Shaddai
Author: Obie   (guest)
Date: April 20, 2004 at 11:08:19 AM
Reply to: Re: El Shaddai by Éowyn
I feel exactly like you do. In fact I can't stop thinking about this name! And for all the people who 'know' so much about its meaning, here's another theory:(see my first post) From a chapter titled WHY HAS MAINSTREAM CHRISTIANITY IGNORED THE DIVINE FEMININE on http// : '... El Shaddai, () is more accurately translated "the breasted God" or "God with breasts" which would evoke an androgynous image'. And if you think that the orthodox interpretation God Almighty simply 'must' be correct, remember the proverb 'Out of all his creatures, God fears most for the Rabbis' (i.e. for their salvation!) :D

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