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Subject: Re: Slavic name help needed
Author: Desislava   (guest)
Date: July 27, 2009 at 6:09:15 PM
Reply to: Slavic name help needed by Mike C
Bilyana/Biljana (Биляна) is a Bulgarian female name. It is believed that the origin comes from bilka (билка)= herb (in Engl.). It exists in the Bulgarain folklore - "Biliana, named on the herbs".
Boris becomes famous by Boris I (ruled 852-889), one of the most successful Bulgarian rulers. It is relatively common Bulgarian name. Some sources say that the meaning is "tiger" or "wolf". Others say that it may mean "to fight" = from "boria se".
Borislav is derivative of Boris and Slav, it's just one of the many male/female names ending on "slav/a".
Bozidar /Bozydar/Bozhidar (for better English pronounciation) - is also Bulgarian (probably not only). "Bozi"= from God, "dar" - gift. Gift from God is probably the meaning. Bozidara/Bozhidara is the female version.
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