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Subject: Re: Foukaina
Author: Marija Luminitsa   (Authenticated as Marija Luminitsa)
Date: August 6, 2009 at 12:10:16 AM
Reply to: Foukaina by Telfalathiel
Foukaina seems quite rare, even in Greek. I did a search for Φουκαινα (Foukaina) and only came up with one hit on this message board thread asking for the most bizarre names people had ever heard:

Foukaina seems similar to φώκαινα (fokaina), which is the Greek word for porpoise (See: ). I came across Φώκαινα (transliterated as Phokaina) as a name in this article (and others): Various genealogy sites list her father as Leo(n) Phokas (including: ). Phokaina is probably a patronymic from Phokas. If you Google "Greek feminine patronymics" the first result is a book titled A Greek and English Lexicon to the New Testament (the link was a mile long, lol). Anyway it lists αινα (-aina) as a feminine patronymic suffix.

I also did a search for Φουκας (Foukas/Phokas) as a possible base and it is used as a surname. It is also seems to be the name of a mountain in Korinthia. I was unable to find a meaning for Foukas. Then again, it is possible that I am barking up the wrong tree and Foukaina could be totally unrelated to Phokaina and Phokas. Perhaps Pavlos can clean up my mess. :-D

(Edit: I messed up αινα)

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