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Subject: Re: pronunciation of Melusine?
Author: JHK   (Authenticated as JHK)
Date: August 24, 2009 at 1:24:26 AM
Reply to: Re: pronunciation of Melusine? by Kirke
I hope you realise how rude your posts read, especially since you don't even bother to register. There is no need to be that offensive and no, I do not claim to know your native language better than you do. Btw, I do not claim to know French better than everyone else either but I was first to answer a question. Then someone tried to correct me but with a non-French pronunciation. I stated why I think that this is not correct. Shaymin's guide might be a good way to pronounce it in English though, we're still looking for an English pronunciation, remember?
As for the pronunciation key: Take a number for languages this key is not perfect for. It's actually missing sounds from my native language, so I know the problem but it is still the best coherent pronunciation key I've ever seen when it comes to inform English speakers about the pronunciation of foreign names from many languages. It does contain the correct sound for the French 'u' as in the word 'rue', so why not use it?

ETA: Sorry Isobel, this has turned into a personal discussion about French class and that's probably not what you wanted. Neither did I, sorry again.


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