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Subject: Re: Proper French pronunciation of Mélusine
Author: JHK   (Authenticated as JHK)
Date: August 30, 2009 at 10:26:47 AM
Reply to: Re: Proper French pronunciation of Mélusine by Lumia
I agree with you here, I had to study IPA transcriptions in 8th grade in English class and I assume that Germany is not the only country in the world that expects high school students to deal with IPA in order to learn a foreign language (Thanks for giving me the English name for it, btw. We call it "Lautschrift" and our English teacher used to say "phonetic symbols").
Concerning [e]: I think you're right here, too. The French sound of 'é' also exists in German and many other languages which is probably why I did not use 'AY' for transcription. It is a totally different sound to me. That and the fact that I had been corrected for using 'AY' for [e] before.


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