Subject: Re: Eureka!
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: March 31, 2001 at 5:38:13 PM
Reply to: Re: Eureka! by Daividh
"Eat Lox and Prosper , Nan."

@@@@ LOL! I'm gonna add that to my compendium of fathomless-yet-suspicious-sounding expressions to use on people, Daividh . :)

"We went up to Lexington today -- Rural Utah and me. (Mama's in Chicago.) Before we left, I did a Google search on "Alviam" but only came up with something ambiguously Brazilian and mercantile, and some dead guy in Yankton, South Dakota . Is it an anna-gramme for something obscure, perhaps? Or "I am Val"?"

@@@@ You got it. Give "Alviam" a couple years and a little exposure, and soon you'll have dizzy chicks posting on this very board: "I named my son Alviam, but I have no idea what it means! Wheeeee! Can anyone here help me?!" :)

"The Paul "C." P. I found was co-author of a paper called "Understanding International Debt Crises", which I think you've mentioned before. Wernt none other by that last name listed on the Innernet."

@@@@ That's the right one, all right. Strange, but I don't remember seeing an initial C in his name when I looked it up. I guess PCP (hey, isn't that a controlled substance?) must've gone to the mountains again this weekend, else he'd have cleared up the mystery by now. As far as I know, his middle name is "Spiro".

"Is your John speaking or signing autographs at I-Con, or just chillin?"

@@@@ John had two panels today, and also did some signings. Tomorrow we're just chillin'. Did some chillin' in the Green Room earlier today with Harlan Ellison, who told me I'm "cute". :)

-- Nanaea

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