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Subject: Re: Is "Lilly" a nickname of Elizabeth?
Author: Melinda Thomas   (guest)
Date: May 9, 2004 at 7:15:27 PM
Reply to: Re: Is "Lilly" a nickname of Elizabeth? by Nanaea
I don't really see what's so unusual about using Lilly as a nickname for Elizabeth when both Libby and Bess can be nicknames. I don't necessarily think they seem like logical nicknames. I don't know if you watched it while it was on, but Sela Ward played a character named Lily on "Once and Again" and her given name was supposed to be Elizabeth. So, at least one other person had the same idea as you. I personally loved the nickname Winnie but hated the names it was short for, either Winifred or Edwina, and wanted to used it for Gwendolyn. When I tried to find out through an internet searc if you could use Winnie as a nickname for Gwendolyn, I was surprised to see that another tv show had the same idea. Evidently, Winnie on "The Wonder Years" was really a Gwendolyn. Who knew? Anyways, getting back to Lilly. I think it's a beautiful name on it's own or as a nickname, and personally, I prefer Lilly with 2 l's even though the flower is spelled with one l. It just seems more like a name. I can't explain it. After all, Lillian is spelled most often with 2 l's so why couldn't Lilly be spelled with 2 also? You could even spell it Lillie if you wanted to get creative. As far as it being a strange nickname for Elizabeth, look at Sarah. A nickname for Sarah is actually Sally and I would never have made the connection had I not read it in many baby name books.

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