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Subject: Christian
Author: Mie   (Authenticated as Ajay)
Date: May 14, 2004 at 12:19:42 PM
I've never posted on this board before but I think this is the right board for my question.

I was flipping through a baby book (you know one of the Satran books that everyone has these days) and when I came to the name Christina, it mentions that the original form Christian was a female name in medieval times. So I go to look up the name Christian in the male section of the book and this is what it says,

"In the Middle Ages, Christian was a female name, but turned male with the introduction of the hero of John Bunyan's The Pilgram's Progress."

BtN lists the name as only male.

My guess was the book is wrong but I honestly don't really know all that much about name origins and history so I could be mistaken. Anyone know if there is any truth or no?

If anyone has any information, I'm really curious.


Jamie (And I hope this wasn't a really stupid question I should know the answer to or anything but it would figure if it was)

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