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Subject: Hey, all you guys from Poland---Isidora?
Author: Lady Seashell   (Authenticated as Lady Seashell)
Date: December 23, 2009 at 2:31:54 PM
So, in one of my stories, the main female character is a Polish woman named Ariadna. I doing some reaserch for another area of the book and it came to me what the perfect middle name for her--Isidora. But before I officially changed her name to "Ariadna Isidora Malinowska", I came to this site and looked for it. There is no Polish feminine form of Izydor that is listed here, so I was just wondering if you guys used Isidora or any similar feminine name, or if I just have to give my character a new middle name.
I know that other European countries, such as Germany and Slovenia use names that aren't of their own language so I wondered if giving her a non-Polish name would be that big an issue.
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