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Subject: Re: DEVON
Author: Devonelisa   (Authenticated as Devonelisa)
Date: May 19, 2004 at 12:33:18 AM
Reply to: DEVON by Ava
Yes, 'wrong' and 'wrong' in a 'disrespectful' way. Don't ask such questions if you only want reassurances that you're right or want it all PC'd up to say that it's not 'right' but not 'wrong' either - that's the speech of timidity and immaturity and I don't use it, nor do many around here who you've clearly yet to meet.

Kaitlynn, Aryn, Rylee, Shaina, etc., etc., ad nauseum are in exactly the same boat - created by intolerant ignorants and perpetuated by pretty much the same. As your mother used to say - just because everyone else jumps off a bridge, would you? They aren't 'right', just because they've got numbers. One of the reasons behind Jefferson's theory of an intellectual elite republic rather than a mass democracy was how very wrong the thoughtless masses could be - as witnessed in the handling of the French Revolution.

'Burger King' is my terminology for the American (in particular but by no means exclusive) theory that if they like the way a foreign word looks but not how it's said they'll just have it 'their way'. Their ego means that they see nothing wrong with this. I see lots wrong with it but I won't bore you with the treatise other than the undercurrent of strong disapproval already present.

Sorry if it's not the cotton-wool wrapped sort of approval you're accustomed to but here we take naming and the issues surrounding naming very seriously. How would you feel it someone in Lebanon decided that Ava looked pretty but sounded funny in Arabic so they'd just say 'Asha' and decide it means 'princess of the peaceful oasis'. How stupid and misguided of them? How wrong? Well, that pretty much what I think of it being done in English - inaccurate, intolerant, ignorant. Plain and simple and plainly spoken.


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