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Subject: Re: DEVON
Author: Devonelisa   (Authenticated as Devonelisa)
Date: May 19, 2004 at 9:13:15 AM
Reply to: Re: DEVON by Ava
Ava, that wasn't an attack, it was an answer.

I don't quote often - I've done it less in the entire history of my time on this board than you've cut and pasted in this solitary string. Perhaps a look through the archives would help you catch on to that.

It might also help for you to look up that Ja9 posted the same exact question about 6 different times with various names - a no-no if you read the site rules. He/She was answered several times and yet more board-littering posts continued to crop up. That particular quote is one my hard drive in that exact format from a web-page worksheet and so it was nothing to put it in there. I personally got the feeling that it was a mistake but you never know with multiple-personalities and it was a funny way of saying 'stop reposting, you're not going to get any better replies this way'. Again, perhaps getting to know the place first would help you level appropriate criticisms.

And actually, it's a hot day here and when I posted the last time I laughed and said to Nico 'she's one of those - she'll have to answer no matter what' and went off for a nice drive, ice cream, arranged my pre-natal, finished off the Anglo-Saxon section (hooray!), sent off the grocery order and came back and sure enough - there was your cut-n-paste reply. It was good for a laugh but yes, no matter what you reply, we're going to strongly disagree. I approach this as an intellectual, fun forum where the erudition bar is slightly higher than on the rest of the net and strong opinions, if they're backed up and reasonably expressed are part of the learned atmosphere. As that is terribly offensive to you, we'll disagree. But whatever time I'm wasting here in responding to you, just remember, you're making the same 'mistake' yourself with every inevitable reply ;o)


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