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Subject: Re: help!
Author: Melissa   (guest,
Date: April 2, 2001 at 10:59:14 AM
Reply to: help! by Diana
Hey, we have the same last name:)!

In the book Beyond Jennifer and Jason, Madison and Montana, there are a bunch of lists in which names are grouped together according to some common trait (like biblical names, or Western cowboy names, or names from Disney movies). I couldn't find any lists that had both Isabel/Isabelle and Caleb in them, but here are some of the names each one was grouped with:

New England names:
Isaiah, Noah, Tobias, Jeremiah, Everett
Aaron, Isaac, Jared, Elijah, Jonah, Samson (plus most of the names above)
Fitting In/Standing Out(names that are a little less popular but not too off the wall):
Adrian, Carson, Duncan, Holden, Julian, Leo, Lucas, Owen, Seth, Trevor

Century names(slightly old-fashioned names that are gaining popularity):
Abigail, Eliza, Emma, Grace, Julia, Lillian, Lucy, Lydia, Madeleine, Ruby, Sadie, Sophia, Stella, Violet
Audrey, Bianca, Cordelia, Helena, Juliet, Miranda, Ophelia, Rosalind, Viola
Yuppie names:
Alexandra, Chloe, Felicity, Gabrielle, Julianna, Katherine, Lily, Natalie, Phoebe, Rebecca
Feminine names:
Adrienne, Alanna, Beatrice, Camille, Celeste, Daphne, Francine, Gillian, Jenna, Jessa, Justine, Kirsten, Lara, Lia, Lila, Mara, Nina,, Olivia, Simone, Talia, Victoria, Zara, Zoe
Saints' names:
Anastasia, Angelina, Ariadne, Colette, Daria, Genevieve, Regina, Thea
French names:
Ariane, Bernadette, Cecile, Corinne, Dominique, Elodie, Fabienne, Germaine, Joelle, Josette, Lianne, Lisette, Lourdes, Mirabelle, Morgane, Nicolette, Rachelle, Sandrine, Sidonie, Sylvie, Tenille, Venise, Zenobie

Whew! I hope this helps a little. My husband and I were just talking about the same thing a few days ago--our nine-month old daughter is named Clio, and when the next one comes along I haven't a clue what he or she will be named--nothing seems to sound right with it. Well, good luck(and congrats:))!

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