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Subject: historical names
Author: Khayeth   (guest)
Date: May 21, 2004 at 8:28:36 PM
Hello wise peoples-

I am pondering on the subject of strong women in history. Some of their names are not in the database, and i was hoping for some hints as to their names' eymologies.

The easy one is Arsinoe. I suspect that it is a femized form of Arsinius but confirmation of that would be excellent. Also, is there a diacresis above the e in the original spelling? (i.e. is the word 3 syllables or 4? Ar-sin-O or Ar-sin-oy-ye?

And the second, and my favourite, is the name of Eleanor of Aquitaine's mother, Aenor, sometimes spelled Anor. Her own name is a pun on her mother's (Alia-anor, the other Anor, at least according to Barbara Tuchman : ) I really don't know if the name itself is French or a French variant of another name. I suppose it could be a variant on Aeneas, (praise) but given that the aen hint i am working with was greek originally and i am utterly unaware of the ethnic provenance of Aenor itself, that seems like a naive assumption.

Would anyone care to assist?

Thanks so much

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