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Subject: Re: i want to know the meaning of my name
Author: AzuraAzenath   (Authenticated as AzuraAzenath)
Date: February 7, 2010 at 1:39:59 PM
Reply to: i want to know the meaning of my name by arini
Well, Arina (Russian, feminine) comes from Irene, which means 'peace.'

Arin is feminine and comes from Eireann, which means 'Ireland.'

Harini (m/f) is from an Indian name meaning 'deer.' (found at It also comes from an Indian word meaning 'doe.' (This is Indian in the sense that it comes from India, not Native American.)

I found a girl with your name and the surname Balakrishnan. Her surname means 'young Krishna,' who is a Hindu deity.

Do you know your heritage, or where your parents got your name? This could help you.

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