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Subject: Hello there, some help please?
Author: Mkali   (guest)
Date: May 25, 2004 at 2:39:47 AM
I was searching the internet before for more names to use in my little list (because Im just a deranged etymologist, I think my mother is worried ^.^) and I came across a message on google from this board that included the names Loukia, Thymios, Anthelia and Astacia (I think its mostly right because I wrote them on my French coursework which is now probably being marked down for writing junk on the corners -shifty eyes-). I've tried searching but I have no idea what I searching for so could someone be so kind to tell me their meanings and genders (I role play at a horse game aswell so they come in handy for unique names).
Also could someone help me with the pronounciation of Ma'at...I usually pronounce it
something like that...any input?

As soon as my exams are over with -cough- should be revising -cough- I will come here and bring some names with me, this is a very useful site but when I search for some of my favourite names I notice they're not there so ^.^ Mki to the rescue
for example my adored online name
Mkali- Swahili Kenya-Tanzania for Fierce ^.^
Anyways as a proud owner of Phoenix Mcfarland's book of names I have quite a few..will be back. Ciao all and Bright Blessings.
Mki (my real name is welsh and I hate it for myself..ahhhh)

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