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Subject: Info on Frederici and Elisabethae
Author: .::Mirage::.   (guest,
Date: May 27, 2004 at 12:14:50 PM
I was looking at some of my family's old geneology records and stumbled upon some names had had never heard before.

Frederici- Male, born in Germany, this person is also listed as Frederick.
Elisabethae- Female, born in Germany, also listed as Elizabethae

There are a lot of spelling mistakes, so I don't know if these names are errors or what. Does anyone know anything about these two names? Also, I thought this was really funny...

Walter Sea King! He was born in the early 1900s too! I didn't think they did names like Sea this back then! But then again, there's also a Jewell born in the early twentieth century too.

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