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Subject: Re: A name in Sindarin or Quenya
Author: Andromache   (Authenticated as Hannah Ruth)
Date: March 9, 2010 at 3:39:53 PM
Reply to: A name in Sindarin or Quenya by Golden_Green

'Sil' comes from the root 'silima' meaning 'shine' (especially white or silver light).

Silver does not have a meaning in Quenya.

Orithil - Day of the moon
Cýron - New moon
Ithil - "moon"
Ithildin - silver-coloured substance mirrors only starlight & moonlight
Celeb (KELEB) - noun; "silver"
Celebrin (KELEB-reen) - "like silver"
Celebrían (kele-BREE-an) - "silver queen"

Silmariën (seel-MAR-ree-en)
Tinwë (TEEN-way) - "sparkle"
Tingilindë (teen-gee-LEEN-day) - "twinkling star"
Elen (ELEN) - noun; "star"
Telpë (TEL-pay) - "silver"
Ilsa (EEL-sa) - "silver" (mystic name)
Nillë / Ngillë (NEE-lay?) - "silver glint"
Silmë (SEEL-may) - "silver"? "light of Silpion"/"starlight"?

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