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Subject: Re: Legitimacy
Author: mirfak   (Authenticated as mirfak)
Date: May 8, 2010 at 1:37:35 AM
Reply to: Re: Legitimacy by Lumia
Your definition of legitimate is begging the question of exactly whose acceptance is required for legitimacy of something.

I think you need to stick to the term "standard" where you are using "legitimate." It is much less culturally loaded, and you sacrifice none of your meaning.

"If the subgroup using the spelling Qameron succeed [succeed in what?] and a critic mass of English speakers accept Qameron as a standard spelling, then the English spelling rule would vary and the name would become legitimate; until then, it is not legitimate."

Why not just say that if enough people used it, Qameron would become a standard spelling? There seems to be no other legitimate point in your statement.

- mirfak

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