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Subject: Re: The problem in the case of the Arabic language...
Author:   (guest,
Date: June 3, 2010 at 5:27:14 AM
Reply to: Re: The problem in the case of the Arabic language... by Lumia
no sorry to disappoint you but I studied Arabic , there is no problem .I'll explain to you how it works , for example ليلى in Arabic never changes everybody Moroccan or Egyptian or whoever , they write it like that even Chinese when they write Arabic , and the pronounciation is the same whenever you go.but it changes when we write it in latin there is people who write it Layla or Leila or laila or laela.
I agree with what you're saying about the vocalic sound but it's not the case in Arabic you have to learn first to speak it then you'll understand what I am speaking about sweetie.
and to inform you in Al hoceima or AlHucemas or Villa san jorgo we don't speak Arabic , we speak Amazigh and Spanish and I am sure that you know nothing about this in internet and you'll see how difficult is.
I really respect you but you should learn more about languages.It's better to learn from somebody who live with the language.

bye bye

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