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Subject: Okay,people.
Author: Eagle Beak 2   (guest)
Date: April 4, 2001 at 7:21:37 AM
I found this site by chance while doing some research,and since I have know a lot of people with unique names,I took a look at what was here.It was not my intention to get all of you so bent out of shape,and it is a disappointment to see such disrespect directed not only to me,but turned against yourselves as well.I wonder why you think you have to behave in such a manner? Hmmmm,perhaps you see something in me that makes you so uncomfortable about yourself.Someday,as your life evolves a bit further,there may come a time when you may see the world with different eyes instead of the facade you think you need to portray.It never ceases to amaze me that in a world that claims to want diversity and respect for others,that same world does not like it when everyone does not become a carbon copy of each other.Nanaea,you have much talent indeed,and if you truly aspire and desire to live up to your unique name,you must not wound yourself.I would cordially like to invite you to,but unfortunately this site has been down due to some difficulties.There is a gentleman there named Devlin McGregor who you would enjoy debating.In closing,I hope that someday on the path of life a new direction may present itself to you that you had not considered nor expected,and some of these words will strike a more positive chord in your soul.A true goddess does not bestow negativity in her wake,and I don't think you really would want to do that,do you? Think what you will of me,it makes no difference.I do not expect you or anyone else to be exactly like me.Too many of us rush to judgement of others,and I realise that this impulse is difficult to restrain,especially when stereotypes and illogical misconceptions cloud our judgement.We are all guilty of this to a degree sometimes,human nature being what it is.I intend to study your people's culture someday in order to get a better understanding of your mindset.Perhaps in the future there may come a time when you may wish to learn to understand something that had not appealed to you in the past.I hope you will be successful,as you do not deserve any less.Your creativity may very well be your saving grace.Please think this over-it may not mean much now,but there may come a time when it will be quite useful.For now,I must bid you adieu.Fare thee well,dear lady,and I hope you find relief from whatever weighs heavy upon your soul,and your path becomes your true destiny.

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