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Subject: Re: What does my name mean?
Author: R.T.   (guest,
Date: June 21, 2004 at 3:46:18 PM
Reply to: Re: What does my name mean? by Daividh
Hi There,
I just wanted to say hi, my last name is Tinaya. You have a or some
friends that have it as a first name. I found out that our family
originally came from Spain then to the Philippines. We are from
two main areas there 1)Negros Islands and the island of Leyte.
I found that when the Spaniards came over to the new world,
the huge earthen vessel by the main mask was called Tinaja. The Spanish "Tinaja" ,the "j" is pronounced as a y sound. The American
and Filipino version is spelled with a y instead of a "j"= Tinaya.
So the name sounds like Papaya (the fruit). The huge earthen vessel
was used to hold drinking water or rain water that fell from the
sails of the ships. The size varied but the one I saw was like a
huge rounded vase about 4 ft high and 4 ft wide. It gave life saving
fresh water to thirsty crew members to the new land (like Columbus).
That is what I found out so far. If you are ever in Key West,FL
there is a Spanish Galleon named the "Atocha" which is the biggest
find of emeralds, Silver Bars and gold in the U.S. waters. It was
discovered by Mel Fisher(treasure hunter) years ago and is displayed
in downtown Key West(by the intersection of Whitehead and Front St).
They have artifacts that are documented and for sale (but it is not
cheap). Hope this gives you some info. Take care.

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