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Subject: Re: lilil
Author: marcus   (guest,
Date: July 29, 2004 at 2:02:54 AM
Reply to: lilil by Ava
There are numerous Hebrew words that have similar connotations. The language of the Biblical Hebrew contained countless words denoting and characterizing the evil spirits which inhabited the provincial universe in which he lived. The Hebrew word shedim means "mystical harmer"; the word rubin or ruhotraot means "evil spirit", lilil means "night spirits"; telane, "shade [or evening] spirits"; tiharire means "midday spirits"; zafrire means "morning spirits," as well as "demons that bring famine and cause storms and earthquakes." So numerous were these spirits of destruction that if man could see them "he would lack the strength to face them, though he could see them by casting the ashes of the fetus of a black cat about his eyes or by sprinkling ashes around his bed he could trace their cock-like footprints in the morning." [*4]

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