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Subject: Vegren as a last name- found one then lost them
Author: Vegren   (guest)
Date: August 4, 2004 at 2:52:00 PM
Found another Vegren registered at a hotel here in the midwest this spring, odd because it is not really a last name. A "Vegren Delete" is a last will and testimony in Hungarian, vegren is 'testimony'. I left a message for them at the front desk and pleaded for a room number or address to no avail. They never responded to the message I left. The only info the clerk could give me was their state of origin.

There is no Hungarian blood in my family, when they came over to Ellis Island to the US in the late 1800's they had the name Vie or Vee, probably spelled as the former as they were Swedish. They were told the name was too short of ID purposes and told to choose a name from 'the list'. They chose the Hungarian word vegren (properly pronounced vay-gren) because it sounded close to Vie. It is therefore pronounced in my family as "Vee-gren".

Any info or any other Vegren's out there? I already know all of the family tree here in the US and current survivors are limited to my direct relatives, all 5 of us. LOL! It would be great to find others.

Thanks! :)

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