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Subject: Re: Euthargie
Author: Christo   (guest,
Date: August 5, 2004 at 12:20:54 AM
Reply to: Euthargie by Claire
If you receive another more competent answer, please ignore mine.

You know there is a word "lethargy" ("unenergetic apathetic inactivity") in English supposed to have Greek origins.

On an on-line Greek dictionary, I found "argos" meaning "laggard, late, leisurely, lingerer, slow". The initial "letha" of "lethargy" comes from the name of a mythic river.

Later, somebody perhaps composed the word "euthargia" (euthargy, Fr. euthargie) to mean "good activity" as the opposite of "lethargy". This word is not Greek, it only looks to be Greek.

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