Subject: Re: My daughter's unique name..
Author: Sabine   (guest)
Date: April 8, 2001 at 6:27:26 AM
Reply to: My daughter's unique name.. by Jessa
I have a funny story. I grew up in France and I was 20 when I arrived in Ireland. I became friendly with a very attractive young man from County Tyrone , where people have a very strong Irish country accent. I found it hard to understand what he would say - but then he had beautiful blue eyes... Anyway, one afternoon he suggested we could go out that evening for a drink. I said "great, what time are you gonna arrive at my place?" He replied: "What about six?" But, with his accent, to me, it sounded more like: "what about sex?" I was quite pleased... until he added: "or what about six thirty or seven?"
Well, I don't know if Elaine found this funny...
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