Subject: Re: Let's take the "WHAT IS ELAINE'S PROBLEM?" Quiz!
Author: Elaine   (guest)
Date: April 8, 2001 at 9:27:54 PM
Reply to: Let's take the "WHAT IS ELAINE'S PROBLEM?" Quiz! by Nanaea
I have an important question for you Nanaea. If it is completely unimportant to know which name a person uses on a daily basis and call them by that name, then will you mind it if I do something obnoxious to you? How would you like it if I pick three names at random that have never been my name, aren't my name and never will be my name? How would you like it if I lie through my teeth and say that these names are mine? Would you like it if I use the alias Susan Lynn Thompson to defraud you? If you don't like this, then why don't you have enough manners to listen to the name that customers use when they introduce themselves to you in a place of business or a government agency? Why do you think that it is "friendly" to call total strangers by names that they never use with anyone they personally know on a daily basis? If their relatives and friends aren't allowed to do this, then why on earth should total strangers have this "right?" How many of your "friends" don't know which name you use on a daily basis? What kind of a "friend" would be this stupid? How many of your "friends" call you by names that you never use at all? Would you even allow this to happen? How would you like it if you have been called by your first name every single day of your life and I insisted on throwing that name away? Would you like the fact that I keep on doing this after being told to stop it? How would you like it if I insisted on shoving the middle name (or nicknames for it) that you hate down your throat and forcing you to answer to it? How would you like it if I completely butcher and mutilate your last name by constantly mispronouncing and/or misspelling it even after you have told me to stop doing this? How many times would you tell me to stop doing this if I didn't do what you asked me to do? How would you like it if I constantly punished you for my constant, stupid, obnoxious screw-ups? Would you think of me as a nice person that you want to have as a friend? Would you avoid being near me because I'm obnoxious? Would you like my rude behavior toward you? I'll bet money that you wouldn't like this at all because it isn't the way to be a good friend. At any rate, I'm not insisting that you call your relatives or personal friends by their last names. I'm only asking that you call customers and other strangers in a business or government agency by their last name until they give you permission to call them by their preferred given name. You are not to call them by names or nicknames that they do not use with their own family or friends because that is very rude even if you are unaware of this. This rule of business etiquette always applies when people have to fill out legal documents in a business or a government agency and they have to show their driver's license or some other document that requires the full legal name to be on it. If you don't like the illegal alias that I mentioned earlier, then you don't have the right to shove a legally required alias down anyone's throat because it is just as stupid and confusing.
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