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Subject: Re: St. Cyril
Author: Christo   (guest,
Date: August 5, 2004 at 11:51:16 PM
Reply to: St. Cyril by Chris
Quote: Your site labels Saint Cyril as being greek, when history defines him as being Macedonian.

Comment: The history cannot define him in any way. We should ask him. The history tells us that if we asked him "What are you?", he would answer "Romaios eimai" or "Romanus sum" meaning "I am Roman".

Quote: Saint CYRIL was a 9th-century linguist and a Greek missionary to the Slavs.

Comment: Actually, he was a Roman missionary. Please correct this mistake to attribute historical significance to where it is deserved it would be greatly appreciated.

Quote: The Cyrillic alphabet, which is still used today, was created by him and his brother Methodius in order to translate the Bible into Slavic.

Comment: Actually, St. Cyril invented another alphabet now known as Glagolitic. He and his brother Methodius used that alphabet to translate the Bible into Slavic. The alphabet currently referenced as Cyrillic is merely a version of the Greek alphabet adapted for Slavic by anonymous writers in medieval Bulgaria. The books of St. Cyril and St. Methodius were transliterated from Glagolitic to Cyrillic too early, in the next decades. Glagolitic was nomore used in the Orthodox countries. In Croatia, however, it was used until 17th century.

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