Subject: Re: My daughter's unique name..
Author: Elaine   (guest)
Date: April 9, 2001 at 6:14:36 AM
Reply to: My daughter's unique name.. by Jessa
Hey Jessa why don't you think about the problems that you will cause your child to have with this ridiculous "name?" How stupid is it going to be when someone asks your daughter what her "name" is and she replies "I'm Six?" The person will think that she is an idiot or a liar who is saying her age instead of her name. Do you really want her saying this when she is three years old? How about when she is 4 or 5 years old? What about when she is past the age of six? How many 12 year old kids want to be stuck with a dumb name like this? Do you think she will like it as a teen-ager? What about when she becomes an adult? How on earth do you expect people to believe her when she says her correct age? When she always has to say she is Six when she says her name, then people will assume that she is mentally retarded, insane, a pathological liar, addicted to drugs and an immature nitwit who wants to be a six year old child forever. How on earth do you think that this "name" can ever help her make a good impression when she goes to school, plays sports, joins the Girl Scouts, starts dating, applying for jobs, goes off to college, fill out legal documents, vote, get married, etc.? She will decide to legally change her name thanks to your stupidity and you should be legally required to give her the money to do it. After all, you started the insane nonsense.
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