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Subject: Vergentlin - Andy, are you here? lol
Author: Claire   (guest)
Date: August 6, 2004 at 11:07:51 AM
Ok… Even worse than the Baradin question… Beware!

I’ve seen this name *once* only, on a 14th century Jewish French/German woman. Her full name was Vergentlin Hannah. I’ve read somewhere that Vergentlin was the vernacular form of Hannah, but I don’t see how. Since they don’t sound the same at all and don’t have the same initial, it would be by the meaning… But I don’t know what Vergentlin means.

I have a theory, but it is silly. It could be made of “very” and “gentille” (gentile in French), and since in ancient French “gentille” also meant pretty, it could explain the Hannah thing… Especially since names like Gentille and Yentl have been used a lot by Jews during this period…

But… “Very” is English, and I don’t think you can mix languages to explain a name (my mom says you can't)… In French, very = tres, and in German it is sehr. That doesn’t sound like “ver”!!!

Help, I’m becoming crazy! Don’t let me look at my family tree again! Lol

PS: of course I’ve never heard it pronounced (contrary to Baradin that I never saw written LOL), and it doesn’t help me…

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