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Subject: Usage of Katina
Author: ClaudiaS   (Authenticated as ClaudiaS)
Date: March 8, 2012 at 9:51:14 PM
I have just been looking at the usage of the name Katina in the U.S. Social Security data.

Prior to 1972, Katina was not in the top 1000.
In 1971, only 96 girls were named Katina.
In 1972, 2742 girls were given the name and it ranked #117.

This is one of the largest jumps I've ever seen in the SSA data. It was about equally popular in 1973 but then went down very fast. By 1983 it was off the top 1000 again and has never reappeared.

Does anyone have insight on what made Katina suddenly so very popular in 1972? I feel sure there must have been a well known Katina who came out of nowhere and left almost as quickly but I have no idea who that might have been.

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