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Subject: Re: attn. Pavlos or Kassios > KORINNA once more
Author: Kassios   (guest)
Date: February 11, 2006 at 11:01:52 AM
Reply to: attn. Pavlos or Kassios > KORINNA once more by Andy ;—)
There were four "famous" Korinnas in the Greek antiquity:
1. KORINNA the hetaira,
2. KORINNA the famous doric poet from Tanagra,
3. KORINNA the lyric poet from Thespis and
4. KORINNA from Thebes, another lyric poet.
I think LGPN covers names of everyday people and not of known people which are easy to find in other sources (such as names of people in mythology, heroes, etc.) so thats possibly why there is only one Korinna there.
According to the book "The Logos within the word" (ISBN 960-316-347-3), the ending "-inna" derives from the word "innos" ("incomplete").
As far as I know, the name KORINNA is rare in modern Greece, I personally know only two. I really doubt the name KORE is in use at all (or if it is it must be extremely rare).

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