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Subject: Re: Question about Greek names
Author: Kassios   (Authenticated as Kassios)
Date: February 12, 2006 at 10:28:43 AM
Reply to: Question about Greek names by Briallen
1) "what exactly does that paragraph up there mean (lol)"

From "Collins" dictionary:
"hypocorism"; NOUN a pet name, esp one using a diminutive affix: "Sally" is a hypocorism for "Sarah". History: from Greek "hypokorisma", from "hypokorizesthai", to use pet names, from "hypo" beneath + "korizesthai", from "kore" girl, "kouros" boy.
"hypocoristic" ADJECTIVE
"hypocoristically" ADVERB

In the Greek tradition it is a common thing to give hypocoristic names to babies, children and even to grown ups as a way of showing familiarity and/or affection.

2) "is 'ita' the same as 'itsa'?"

No it is similar though different.

3) "what is the male equivalent, if there is one?"

It will be:
-akis, (Petros-Petrakis) or
-oulis (Tasos-Tasoulis).

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