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Subject: Re:
Author: Ivayla   (Authenticated as Ivayla)
Date: August 12, 2004 at 3:23:20 PM
Reply to: Re: help with pronouncing Eastern European names by candice
Maja Bajevic - MIE-a BAH-ye-vich
Dragan Zarevac - DRAH-gan ZAH-reh-vach (are you sure it's not Zarevic?)
Pavle Vuckovic - PAH-vleh VOOCH-ko-vich
Jelena Radic - YE-leh-na RAH-dich
Vladimir Nikolic - VLAD-i-meer NEE-ko-lich
Mladen Stilinovic - MLAH-den STEE-lee-no-vich
Krassimir Terziev - kras-ee-MEER Ter-zee-EHV

I can only give educated guesses for the rest

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