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Subject: Good Lord, no!
Author: Miranda   (Authenticated as Randee15)
Date: February 20, 2006 at 4:40:52 PM
Reply to: Re: Renny by Kay
Those are all butcherings of René, which is indeed a male name in French (see Rene). Renée's the feminine form.

I actually would believe that Renny's a form of Renée, though. Or it even could've been influenced by Irene or Ireneus (essentially the male form of Irene, albeit with a slightly different meaning). But, as always with my guesses, don't necessarily take this as gospel.

Kay, as a general rule never trust any name book or site with the word "baby" in it. They're, quite simply, mostly total and utter crap, with made-up or misleading meanings without etymological citations, misunderstandings resulting from mistranslations, and such absurd things like "Native American" or "American" names. Also, 95% of the "40,001" names (does anyone ever check how many?) are outright butchered spellings, and often legitimate international or alternate spellings get lost in between the kre8tyv spellings.

We're not a "baby names" site. We're a site devoted to human names; it just so happens that humans are born in small, undeveloped forms we call "babies". Above all, we're much more devoted to etymology--the study of words--and history than your average baby name site, and hence have a decidely scholarly bent.

EDIT: I had a brain burp that told me Renny (REN-ee, yes?) was more related to Irene (ie-REEN or ie-REE-nee) than Renée (re-NAY or reh-neh)... I blame an hour-and-a-quarter of English!

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