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Subject: Looking for the pronunciation of "W³adys³aw".
Author: Hekate101   (Authenticated as Hekate101)
Date: February 21, 2006 at 9:59:30 AM
The site is here -> Wladyslaw, but no pronuncation is avaliable. I am intending to use it in a story I am writing, but it would be useful to know the pronunciation. Also, I looked up the letters that look like Ls and:

£ or ³, described in English as L with stroke, is a letter of the Polish, Kashubian, Sorbian, £acinka (Latin Belarusian), and Navajo alphabets. Except for Navajo, it represents the Lechitic/East Slavic continuation of Proto-Slavic non-palatal l (see dark L).

£ first appeared in the 16th century, in Polish texts.

In modern Polish, ³ is normally pronounced /w/ (almost exactly as w in English as a consonant, as in were, will, firewall but not as in new or straw). However, the old pronunciation is preserved in eastern part of Poland and among the Polish minority in Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine.

(£) if that helps. ALSO, it does not show up properly in the boards, so I'd advise going to Wladyslaw and copy + pasting the figure.

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