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Subject: Didn't mean to offend Pavlos. Well put Anneza.
Author: talithag   (Authenticated as talithag)
Date: February 28, 2006 at 4:24:19 PM
Reply to: Are you Aramaic? n/t by Pavlos
whoa...didn't mean to offend, apologizes to Pavlos. Since people have been calling me Talitha (emphasis on the middle syllable) for most of my life I figured I had something to say on the subject. Anneza has it right though…I can’t speak to the pronunciation as it is spoken as a language element, especially since there are only a few hundred people who still speak it. I can only say that in English, French – and Maltese now that I think of it – I have only ever encountered the name with the middle syllable emphasized. I think it's a nicer name pronounced this way, so I retract my highly offensive "expert" statement, and merely offer ta-Lee-tha as an alternative and possibly preferable option.

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