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Subject: Re: Selah confusion
Author: Tieliebirds   (Authenticated as Tieliebirds)
Date: August 17, 2004 at 8:36:56 AM
Reply to: Selah confusion by caleigh

Hi Caleigh! Jeez, do we have a psychic connection or something? I just came here to post about Selah again, except the pronunciation of it this time. I'm kind of confused about the meaning of Selah, too, but I did a yahoo search and no where in the search results does it mention "rock". There are a couple of web sites that "answer" the question of "what does the word selah mean?" so we obviously aren't the only ones with the question. I'm posting the address to the one that I thought seemed truest, because they gave a lot of support in their argument and the article was fairly long, so they gave it a lot of thought. After that, I think we're kind of on our own as far as the meaning goes, though it would be interesting to hear more about the Sela/Selah difference and about the other rock and place name meanings. Here's the website's address:

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