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Subject: does anyone here speak Hebrew? Need help on name pronunciation!
Author: Tieliebirds   (Authenticated as Tieliebirds)
Date: August 17, 2004 at 8:44:10 AM

Hi there! On another board, there's confusion about how the name Selah is pronounced. To me and some other people, it seems like it would be SAY-lah, but someone else pointed out the Sela (without the h) is (also this is what the behind the names says) pronounced SEE-la, and also an actress named Sela Ward pronounces her name SEE-la. It's a Hebrew name, so I'm hoping that someone who speaks the language can clear this up. I really prefer the SAY-lah pronunciation so I'm hoping that's what it is! I'm thinking that maybe Sela and Selah aren't just variations of the same name, because the meanings I've found for both names have always been different. And since they aren't the same name, it would make sense that they aren't pronounced the same way. Kind of like Hayley and Hallie or Kailey and Kalley aren't pronounced the same. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks a ton! :o)

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