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Subject: Nick name or not?
Author: Keely's mom   (guest)
Date: April 24, 2001 at 4:37:23 PM
We are having a debate over the name Liam. I have read that it is the Irish form of William, meaning not a nick name. And I have had some people point out that it is a short form (considered a nickname) for William. Some books I have read have it as a Irish form and then I do research here on the great internet and it is listed as nn for Uilleam and William. Is it? Or by today's standard is it a real true name . I am so tired of the debates. I want this cleared up. I have so many people tell me that my son should be named William and be called Liam. If it by chance that it is a nick name and not a name in its own right then I will consider finding a new name for my baby to
be. Please help!
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