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Subject: Various Names, Mostly Greek
Author: Silverblaze   (Authenticated as Silverblaze)
Date: April 16, 2006 at 12:25:41 PM
Anyone have a clue how to pronounce:

Eirian (EYE-ree-an? EER-ee-an?) Fem., Welsh
Anaximander (an-AX-ih-MAN-dur? AN-ax-IM-an-dur?) Masc., Greek philosopher
Aspasia (Fem., Greek)
Briseis (Fem., Greek?, character in the Illiad)
Elysia (Greek)
Alephesiboea (Fem., Greek, nymph, I won't even attempt a guess :-) )
Galatea (gah-LAY-sha? gah-LAY-tee-ah? Greek)
Iphigenia (IFF-ih-gen-EE-ah? I've heard it pronounced IFF-ih-gen-EYE-ah)

And finally: Arianna. It's listed as an Italian variation of Ariadne, but I once saw it in a name book as Welsh, meaning "silver." Which one is right, if either is conclusively right?

Thank you for putting up with such a long list, your help is appreciated! ^_^

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