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Subject: Shekinah
Author: Urim   (Authenticated as Urim)
Date: April 18, 2006 at 2:45:42 PM
There is more meaning of this word than words.Words are symbols in themselves.To speak about Shekinah,you must have respect for Shekinah or the Fullest of the Glory of EL ELYON means the Highest GOD,the Possessor or Creator of Heaven and Earth.Shekinah is brighter than the Sun,it is a pure white light of silvery mist.But to describe the Presence,you must have witnessed His Glory.And not many ones can stand today and still be in the flesh.You would be taken or changed or translated.Once you have been in His and Her Presence Elohim meaning plural ,mean Gods.And one who has witnessed His glory,would not tell you,there is no need.People would know,for they would see that the person or persons were changed and Filled with Shekinah.So there is the Word and there is is the living Word.Shekinah is not alone,But El ELOHE YSRAEL AKEDIAH SHEKINAH BINAH IS ONE.SHALOM

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