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Subject: Re: Suri
Author: Chrisell   (Authenticated as Chrisell)
Date: April 19, 2006 at 4:18:47 AM
Reply to: Suri by Anneza
Suri *could* be a weird corruption of Sarah. The Hebrew Letters site does list it as a variant of Sarah, but that website is only halfway reliable.

The Persian meaning is clearly nonsense, though - the Persian for 'rose' is Gul (also seen in Gulbahar, Gulistan and Gulzar)

A Google search for Suri shows that it's also an Indian surname (I've seen Manil Suri, Neeraj Suri, Rajan Suri, Sanjay Suri etc) and a breed of Alpaca (oops!). There's a male British actor with the first name Suri.

All in all, it's an odd name they've heard somewhere and decided to use, and no doubt the two meanings they've pulled out of thin air will be all over the Baybee Naym boards before the week is out!


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